Since 2010, Laura has been an ambassador of the MiniCat brand in the world

Minicat 420 LAURA DEKKER (limited edition)

In cooperation with Laura Dekker, a special version of the catamaran 420 was created. This model is based on the highest version - Evoque, distinguished by design, colors and details. A better sail - X-Ply carbon was added. It not only floats but it looks great! This unique catamaran is accompanied by an autograph book by Laura.


"The dream of a girl, a lonely cruise around the world" is an autobiographical story written in the form of a diary. We'll find out the truth about her journey. Joys and dangers of lonely sailing and learning about the world. We see Laura's extraordinary determination and courage. In my opinion, it's over 300 pages of an engaging and inspiring tale of an authentic adventure. I recommend it regardless of age
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Wywiad z Laurą

We know that 2 years ago you were in Poland (WIND and WATER Boat Show),what do you think about our country? Have you had the opportunity to go sightseeing?

I didn't get much opportunity to go sight seeing but I loved the old architecture I saw along the way. Over all it was a very nice time in Poland with great people and lots of laughter :)

Your cruise around the world... What was the main motive for making such a decision? ...after those 7 years has your attitude changed? when you mention these moments, would you do the same or would you do otherwise?

I wanted to see the world, get to know myself better, make better use of my time and learn as much as I could :) Hmm actually no mu attitude didn't change much. I would still have done it all over again.

Tell please, what made you decide to found a foundation

I want to give other kids the opportunity to experience what I did. To learn about themselves, become more confident and stand stronger in society.

How exactly can people help you (being in Poland) in your activities?

Any amount of donations to the trust, all little bits help. Spreading the word! Letting people know what we're doing. Liking our social media channels. And following us on the website :)


Laura Dekker, born on September 20, 1995, is the world's youngest sailor who circumnavigated the world alone. She did this in January 20, 2011 (well I actually started out from Gibraltar alone in August 2010) - January 21, 2012, at just 15 years old. Her story is known to everyone in the Netherlands (she has Dutch-German-New Zealand citizenship), as well as many people around the world who have been following in the media a heated debate about the consent of the Dutch authorities to a lonely teen cruise. Since 2010, Laura has been an ambassador of the MiniCat brand in the world (co-founder of the Minicat 420 Laura Dekker Limited Edition), at the same time an active user. As she writes, she loves to take Minicat with her on her travels and to swim and swim with her when a larger yacht moors at the anchor.



Born on water

Laura spent the first four years of her life at sea. At the age of 6 she got her first Optimist boat and learned to sail on it. She bought the next boat at the age of 11. It was Hurley 700, which she named "Guppy". She used it for lonely cruises during the holidays. In May 2009, Laura sailed alone from Maurik in the Netherlands to Lowestoft, England, where local authorities demanded that her father pick her up.A trip around the world.The sailor set out on her cruise around (August 2010 from Gibraltar ) January 20, 2011 from the island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, on January 21, 2012, she completed a cruise in the same port.Government charges Although Laura was supported by her father

What right has the government to intervene when parents allow their child to engage in dangerous activities.

On December 18, 2009, one of the members of the Laura family reported her missing. On December 20, 2009, Laura was found on the island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. Two days later she returned to Amsterdam, where she was interrogated by the police. On December 26, 2009, another court in the Netherlands dismissed charges from social workers and agreed to let Laura sail, provided that the expedition began in 2010, when Laura was 14 years old. On July 27, 2010, the court ceased to supervise Laura and decided that "it is up to the girl's parents to allow the daughter's permission". Laura announced that the expedition would begin "within two weeks".

Difficulties - allegations of the authorities

Both of my parents supported me. On August 28, 2009, the family court ruled that in addition to Laura's parents, the Council for Child Protection would take care of her. Joint care lasted until July 2010, but the Children's Protection Agency announced that it would last at least until August this year. Laura's plans and the intervention of the authorities have been repeatedly commented on.

Her trip around the world.

The sailor set out on her lonely cruise in August 2010 from Giblartar to finish it on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean on January 21, 2012.

Laura planned to set out on her own Hurley 800 boat, 8.3 meters long and 2.75 meters wide, which she called "Guppy".

In February 2010, Laura and her father bought a new boat, 11.5 meters long, also called Guppy.

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